Ukraine, April 2022

We aim to help Ukrainian children who struggle to get a quality education because of the Russia-Ukraine war. We have launched a program to help rebuild schools in Ukraine that have been damaged or have been completely destroyed as a result of attacks by Russian missiles and bombs.

On the 24th of February 2022 Russian Federation launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Because of the brutal armed attacks by the Russian occupiers, a lot of people including children have died, many units of civilian infrastructure have been destroyed, including educational facilities. According to a recent report by the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science more than 900 schools have been damaged and about 100 of them have been completely destroyed.

This topic, which has not bypassed anyone today, is very close to the World Dream Foundation. Julia Folk, who’s WDF’s Founder and CEO, was born in Ukraine. She got her first job as a kindergarten teacher when she was only 18 and has been committed to building a better world for future generations ever since. We consider it our duty to help the affected people of Ukraine and therefore launched a program for the reconstruction of schools and kindergartens.

Ms. Julia Folk will be one of those who will independently come to Ukraine when it’s safe. And she’ll be the one who will regulate the processes and control the implementation of the plan until the full succession of this mission.